Week 3 – Webcam Security

Week 3 – Webcam Security


First of all I like to wish everyone a happy 2017 and hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday!

Okay, let’s quickly recap what I have done so far!

HAS  [House Automation System]

In my previous post I mentioned that while researching different programming techniques, I found a way to run two functions simultaneously!
Well, I am proud to say I have successfully implemented it into my program and… it works!

I then implemented the master key (just for dramatic effects) to the program. HAS has a built in security protocol which activates a webcam and turns off all of my lights once the master key has been removed. Having the master key removed results in, not being able to turn on/off my lights from any available device.

This screenshot shows the error message, when I attempt

to turn the lights on without the master key.


Here’s what I’ve got now!

My web interface as well as my masterkey all shown in two brief videos! Don’t worry I am not talking, just showing:

The User Interface:

This brief video shows my working User Interface



This brief video shows how my masterkey works


What are my future plans?

Well, as you can tell from the USB master key video, I have been busy building… a shell… a cocoon … a case. I will talk more about it in next weeks blog, I promise!
This case will contain everything; the pi, the messy cables, the power adapter and other stuff which I haven’t thought of yet!
The case will have an electronic lock which will be controlled by an Arduino. This Arduino will have a keypad connected… something like a coded safe!



Pi camera:
The Pi camera cable was too short! Why make a cable which is only 10 cm long, I mean… what can you do with that!?
I have managed to overcome this issue by changing it from a Pi camera (which I spent £10 on, give or take a fiver), to a cheap Bush webcam I found laying around in my drawers! Having done that, I had to change my lines of code, to make it compatible for the webcam! SUCH FUN!!

The Pi itself:
Please don’t forget to backup all of your work! I nearly lost my entire project… yep. We  I may be over exaggerating when I say lost my entire project, but my backups were at least a day old. A day doesn’t sound too bad, but honestly, the amount of work put into that day was unbelievable… yep I spend an entire day working on HAS.
So please, don’t forget to BACKUP all of your projects!


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