Week 1: Raspberry Pi Relay

  • Okay, as you’ll notice in my first posts of my blog, I would have already completed the first part.
    That’s because I wanted to attempt the project before talking about it.. and yes… I do regret not posting about it along the way.

You’ll find all of the materials I’ve used in this project on the HAS page.

Picture of the RaspberryPi relay

This is the outcome to my project.
A very ugly looking box… (temporary solution)

So far, what does it do?

Well, it turns both my lamps on and off! Yeah I know… cool!
I’ve created a web server on my pi, hosting a UI for my switches. Typing in the local IP, port 5000 and the secret 9 digits and 1 letter at the end (To keep my house mates from accessing it!) will allow me to access it, as long as I am connected to the same internet.

Now this is done, what are your plans next?

YES! I have thought ahead what I should do next!
I have taken inspiration from my former lecturer, one day he decided to sit down and show me and a group of people what he did with a Pi, and it was pretty cool!
He opened a Skype call with his Pi back in his office which allowed him to access his webcam. He then turned on his lamp Remotely!?! AND THEN he started to control a robot arm!?! He attempted to put a tea bag inside his cup (An idea is forming here!)
At this stage, I was stunned! Not knowing you could do all of this stuff, just on a raspberry Pi.

Which was why I started looking into this!


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