Week 1.1 – HAS UPDATE

Yes! I “HAS” an  update *uncontrollably laughs*

Okay, so the time is 04:53am and I have been up all night working none stop on my project.

I have added an automated timer to my project!
Yes… I am lazier! I don’t even have to push a button to turn my lights on!

But… what if you’re not at home?

Don’t worry, I have a perfect solution for that. I have made a checkbox button which once clicked, will disable all of my lights. This means I wont be able to turn them either on and off. Good ‘ol safety feature aye!
I would love to share my UI design, buuuuuuutttttt the UI is very messy. Perhaps another time, if you’re lucky!

Tomorrows plans will be focusing on the automated system, where I can add another checkbox option, to check weather I would like my lights to turn on automatically!

More will be coming shortly, just a small update.
Thanks, for reading!

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