Quick update: My new Raspberry Pi 3!

The new pi!

Okay, here just a quick update on my situation and my solution towards it.

The situation:

Let’s backtrack back to my recent post… yes… the one where I messed up and it took me two days to actually find out… If you haven’t read that post yet and you want a good laugh, click here!

If not, here is a quick version:

Where it broke off
Where it broke off
Me carefully placing capacitor back onto the Pi
Me carefully placing capacitor back onto the Pi

A day later, my pi had crashed at least 10 times… and I thought… yep, my solution did not work!

Which made it a ‘REAL SHAME  because now, I have to go and buy a BETTER and FASTER Pi’ such a shame!

The solution:

Buying a Raspberry Pi 3, I could not resist!

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Specs – £32:

  • Quad Core CPU 1.2GHz
  • 1GB ram
  • Built in wifi 802.11.b/g/n
  • Built in Bluetooth 4.1 (which gave me an idea, more about that later!)
  • New and fresh!
  • Here is a link to the Raspberry Pi, just incase any of your old Pi’s “accidently breaks”:
Unboxing my Pi
Unboxing my Pi 3, nicely packed!
and there it is!
There it is! looking identical to the Pi 2!
Found a hard plastic case... I'm not taking anymore chances, I don't want to end up buying the Raspberry Pi 4 when it's released.
Found a hard plastic case… I’m not taking anymore chances, I don’t want to end up buying the Raspberry Pi 4, when it’s released.

Now, the new idea!

As I was unboxing my new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, I started thinking about the built in Bluetooth 4.1 it had. The issue with the Master Key (the USB stick) is that I am constantly forgetting to either unplug it when I leave or to plug it back in when I get back from University. Also thinking about it now, it’s not really Home Automation System when I am required to physically plug and unplug a device into the Pi for my lights to work, I should might as well have a lightswitch!

The idea I got is bluetooth! I always carry my phone on me, where I go it goes! This means if I write a python  command to constantly search for my phone, if it’s connected then that means I am in the room and I need the lights to be on and if I am out/my phone unable to detect my phone’s bluetooth then I don’t need my lights to be on.

Pretty neat idea huh! I quickly jumped onto Google to research on using bluetooth with Python and here is what I have found: https://people.csail.mit.edu/albert/bluez-intro/c212.html

I’ll let you know if the code works in my next big post!

and as always,




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