Introducing my HAS

No, HAS is not a euphemism..

This project allows me to be lazy!
Do you ever get tired of reaching for a light switch on your lamp.. eventhough it’s only arms length away… Well!! I have a solution for you!

Why not make a complicated/fustrating applet on your phone to control your PI, which controls your electrical devices from a relay switch!?! Yep… maximum effort for minimal outcome…

Okay, being serious now… I know there are other people out there who have done the same thing but possbily a lot better than my small project, but like I said in the introduction… I find it fun to do.

I have read up about ways of creating this project, but no one seems to explain it in simple terms, they would like to use technical terms to make other people think they look smart. **cough** **cough** Youtube…

I am here to explain how I did my project, all of the pieces I bought, all of the code I’ve used, all here and explained in simple terms..
If you would like to know how, please feel free to pop a comment down below, I will attempt to answer any questions thrown at me.

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