About me

Okay, time for you to know a little more about me.

I am a second year student at University of Portsmouth on a Software Engineering course. Trust me… it’s better than it sounds!

I am no expert with electronics, I have blown almost 15 LEDS within the past month, I have not blown any pi or Arduino… yet. My point towards all of this is to prove that I am not an expert, anyone can pick up a solder and can call themselves an expert with electronics.

Don’t feel like you have a brilliant and creative idea on a project, but you’re unable to make it happen because you don’t have the experience. Think of it this way, the experts today had to start somewhere! They were just the same as all of us, they had to follow YouTube videos and Google how to do/fix something. So don’t feel ashamed to Google and Youtube, when ever I get stuck I always google and research on the problem.


What inspired me to start all these projects?

As it does, it all started when I watched Iron man for the first time, being stunned on what he can do! Yes, yes, I know I can’t copy his exactly, with the suit and everything… well… nahhhhh, maybe later 😉
But anyways, that made me want to get into computer/hardware. I found out, working with Software would benefits me more. All of the Raspberry Pi projects have some coding involved, which is practically my favorite part!

I first started to attempt making a replica version of JARVIS. The home assisting bot, but as some projects go, were a complete fail.

JARVIS MK1 (2009 – 2011) – As it starts with most people, I had a little inspiration from my favourite movie Iron Man. Hence the name JARVIS.
Programming language: VB.NET
Program: Visual Basic

RUBI MK2 (2011 – 2014) – The second version of HAS, I was looking into JAVA and thought that it would be best if I didn’t copy the name JARVIS from Iron Man.
Programming language: JAVA
Program: Eclipse

ALYX MK3 (2014 – 2016) – I made a system which learned my voice every time he was introduced to a new word. Hearing my own voice talk back to me started to annoy me. Thinking Python would be the better option, I thought that it was best to switch programming languages, this meant I had to restart the whole program.
Programming language: Python
Program: Python IDLE
Using a Laptop with a Linux system.

HAS MK4 (2016 – 2017) – H.A.S is my latest up to date project. Deciding to use a Raspberry Pi 3 and an Arduino Board for security has turned out to be the best option.
Programming Language: Python and Arduino
Program: Python IDLE and Arduino
Using both Raspberry Pi and Arduino board.

After that stage of making JARVIS, I realized that building an AI is HARD! So I decided to make Alyx a home assistant bot, so much easier (Not giving up on the idea of building an AI, just putting that project on hold, for now!)

For a while, I knew that Alyx was missing something…. something that JARVIS could do, but my bot could not. Control my living environment, turning on and off lights, opening and locking doors.
This is where my second main inspiration came into play.

On one ordinary day, I woke up, got a shower, cycled into Uni, attended lectures, then once I sat down for my programming practical, my former lecturer Simon came and sat down in between me and my friend as he overheard our conversation about Raspberry Pi’s. We spoke for a bit about possible projects, then he took out his laptop to show us, one of his main projects.

*Now at the time, IT WAS SO COOL*
He connected to the Pi, which was all the way in his office across campus via SSH and then set up a webcam call, accessing his webcam in the office. Me not being amazed, he then switched on a lamp!?! That caught my attention, but that’s not the best part. I started pushing buttons on his keypad, and a Robot arm came in to view!

*At this stage, I was completely amazed!*
He attempted to put a tea bag into his cup. “Attempted!”
With me not knowing all of this was even possible, with just a few wires, a slab of code and a Raspberry Pi… I had to do it! I’ve got the lamps up and running, and hoping to add more to it, along the way!